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Mobile application

What are mobile applications? When we talk about mobile applications, we are talking about software applications that were created specifically for smartphones, tablets and similar devices. Currently, applications of various characters are created, but the intention of the creators is always the same, and the creators are still trying to make the most of the touch control of the mobile phone, as well as the user interface and other features offered by the mobile phone. Thanks to the use of phone functions, applications are attractive to users.

Applications have been a part of our lives for some time now. We even take some mobile applications for granted. This is especially the case for the very first mobile applications, which are the responsibility of the manufacturers of mobile operating systems. They were looking for practical methods or ways for users to view emails, track weather reports, make phone calls, or send text messages. In the end, they decided to create applications that are now part of a mobile phone right after purchasing the model. However, as they are an integral part of mobile phones, we do not even realize their existence.

What types of mobile applications do we have?

As already mentioned, some Friday has passed since the creation of the first mobile applications, which are behind the manufacturers of smartphone operating systems, and countless other mobile applications have been produced since then. While some were very similar, others resembled nothing. Cognitive, educational, informational, also useful applications were created, countless versions of navigation were created, the most popular of which is Google Maps or Waze navigation. We must not forget our favorite games. Fighting, jumping, strategy, or life simulators have been developed into applications, which have been a huge success all over the world.

In connection with mobile applications, the question arises, where are all the applications available? Today, the applications are available on distribution platforms, which have individual manufacturers of operating systems for mobile phones under their wings, or for mobile devices in general. The most well-known distribution platforms include the App Store and Google Play, less well-known are the Windows Phone Store or the BlackBerry App World.

What are the benefits of a mobile application?

Today, any company or municipality or city deserves to have a mobile application. It is the most powerful marketing tool in which it pays to invest all ten. It has a lot of benefits and can bring the desired fruit to a company offering services, e-shops, cafes or municipalities and cities. The main advantages are the low price. Many believe that applications are an expensive affair, but this has not been the case for a long time. What are the other benefits of mobile applications?

Mobile applications are also suitable for crisis reporting

Do you want to inform your customers about the latest news at a time when your establishment is unexpectedly closed, for example in connection with a government and quarantine order due to coronavirus? Is it important for a municipality or city that citizens know people coming about the coming flood, hurricane, closure of important ones, declaration of a state of emergency and other crisis reports? With short notification messages, you can easily warn residents of events that could cause harm to their health.

Sending crisis notifications

Crisis reporting is a way to use the mobile application to inform everyone about what is currently happening, planned and what is good to prepare for. It is not only in times of sudden change or crisis, but also for maintaining regular information.

How to create a mobile application?

Did you like mobile applications? In this case, you are probably considering creating your own mobile application. You are already thinking about the sections that the application will hide, how it will be useful to the user or how it will be different from the competition. You have in your head the vision and appearance of the application, just implement it. However, when creating a mobile app, it must be developed for both the iOS operating system and the Android operating system, which is not easy. On the contrary – it is a relatively complex matter. For this reason, only specialized companies do this, such as APPKEE, which focuses primarily on information and useful mobile applications. The goal is to create a mobile application that is simple, intuitive, and content can be easily edited via the application or computer.

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