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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


pursuant to Act No. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Copyright Act"), and pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "CC")

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the mobile application.



I. Glossary of Terms

For the purposes of this Agreement, Appkee manager is the manager that can be used by logging in at https://www.appkee-manager.cz to manage your mobile application.
The Appkee Manager is operated by APPKEE s.r.o., Smetanovo náměstí 1180/7, Moravská Ostrava, 702 00 Czech Republic.
IČ: 075 67 219, DIČ: CZ075 67 219
File number: Section C, File 76286, registered at the Regional Court in Ostrava

II. Introductory provisions

1. This contractual agreement regulates the terms and conditions of use of Appkee Manager, which is owned and operated by the Operator, who is entitled to exercise the property rights to this application in accordance with the Copyright Act.
2. A user of Appkee Manager is any natural or legal person who registers before the first launch (hereinafter referred to as "User") and who meets the definition of an entrepreneur pursuant to Section 420 an. CC.
3. Registration consists of entering the User's contact details.

III. Licensing arrangements

1. Appkee Manager is a work of authorship within the meaning of Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright, on Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Copyright Act"). This Agreement does not grant the User any rights in connection with the Operator's trademarks.
2. Operator hereby grants User a limited, personal, non-transferable, non- exclusive license to use Appkee Manager.
3. This license agreement governs the use of any updates provided by Operator to Appkee Manager that replace or supplement the original Appkee Manager, unless such update is bundled with a separate license, in which case the terms of the separate license would prevail.

IV. Rights and obligations of users

1. The user is entitled to edit his mobile application via Appkee Manager
2. The user undertakes not to use Appkee Manager in any way that wouldin any way infringe the rights of the operator. The operator of Appkee Manager reserves all rights not expressly granted to the user.
3. The User may not rent, lease, lend, distribute or sub-license Appkee Manager,
4. The Operator shall be entitled to terminate the User's account without prior notice or otherwise prevent the use of Appkee Manager by any User who may reasonably be believed to be in breach of this Agreement, or to be using Appkee Manager in violation of good morals, legal regulations and generally accepted ethical and moral principles and generally accepted rules for the use of services provided over the Internet, or even to commit or facilitate crimes, misdemeanors or other offenses. The Operator is entitled to terminate the User's account without prior notice if the User has not logged in for more than 12 months. The User is not entitled to any compensation in connection with the cancellation of the User's account or the prevention of its use in the above cases.
5. The Operator shall be entitled to restrict the User's access to Appkee Manager without prior notice in the event of a delay of more than 1 month in the payment of the monthly tariff
6. Information on tariffs can be found on the website https:// www.appkee.cz/#cenik

VI. Liability for defects

1. The Operator shall not be liable for defects or damage or loss of data caused by the use of Appkee Manager or its outputs, if caused by the User, third parties or obstacles arising independently of the Operator's will, in particular. for defects or damages caused by improper use of Appkee Manager, unprofessional interference with Appkee Manager, system software and environment, caused by infection of the user's local network or his/her computers by computer viruses, or by hacker attack or other similar external interference, or caused by damage caused by improper functioning of third-party programs installed on the user's device. Error messages and other similar manifestations that do not affect functionality and do not cause significant deviations from the agreed features of Appkee Manager are considered a defect of the software that does not affect its use.
2. The operator is not responsible for the display of information on the user's device and for the availability of the website at any time or place. The Website may link users to other websites, and the Operator is not responsible in any way for the content, availability or other aspects of such other websites. The information contained on such other sites does not represent the opinion of the Operator.

VII. Protection of personal data

1. The Operator processes, collects and protects all personal data provided by legal entities and natural persons entrepreneurs, for natural persons entrepreneurs it does so in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data.
2. By confirming this contractual arrangement, the user grants consent to the operator, as the administrator, to the processing of his/her personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, to the extent of the user's identification data of the natural person: e.g. name, surname, email. The period of processing of personal data is the period for which the user has an active user account for the purpose of using Appkee Manager.
3. The processing of the user's personal data is carried out for the purpose of sending information related to Appkee Manager, the development of legislation concerning Appkee Manager and for the marketing purposes of the administrator, i.e. offering products and services, including sending information about organised events, products and other activities, as well as sending commercial communications by electronic means in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended, for the period during which the user has an active user account, provided that other data may be associated with these data.
4. User agrees that Operator may collect and use technical data and related information, including, but not limited to, technical information about User's device, system and application software and peripherals, which is collected periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates, product support and other services related to Appkee Manager. The Operator may use this information, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify the user, to improve its products or to provide services or technology, and then only for as long as necessary.
5. Consent also applies to processors authorized by the Controller.
6. The user acknowledges that he/she has the rights pursuant to § 11, § 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended, i.e. in particular that the provision of data is voluntary, that he/she may withdraw his/her consent at any time free of charge at the address of the controller, that he/she has the right to access personal data and the right to rectification of such personal data, blocking of incorrect personal data, their destruction, etc.
In the event of a breach of the law, the User has the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection with a request for redress; in the event of withdrawal of consent, the Operator is entitled to process only the basic identification data of the User in the scope of name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail, date of birth, and only for the purposes of registration of the Users of the Application as contractual partners of the Operator.

VIII. Maintenance of the Applications

In order to strive for maximum quality of services provided through Appkee Manager, it is necessary to perform irregular maintenance of Appkee Manager. The Operator makes Users aware that Appkee Manager is not available during the maintenance period. The Operator may make modifications to Appkee Manager, adding new functions and features.

IX. Final Provisions

1. Registration creates a contract between the operator and the user. The content of the contract is the following contractual arrangement. By registering, the user agrees to this contractual agreement as it stands on the date of creation of the user account.
2. The contractual agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and expires upon termination of the account by the user or the operator, or upon termination of the user or the operator without legal successor.
3. This contractual arrangement may be unilaterally amended by the Operator, always with effect on the expiry of a 7-day period from the date of publication of the notice of amendment of the contractual arrangement on http://appkee.cz and by sending a message with the notice to the user account via the Mobile Application or by email to the registered email address.
4. Legal relations arising prior to the effective date of the amended contractual arrangement shall also be governed by the amended contractual arrangement, however, the creation of rights and obligations that occurred prior to the effective date of the amended contractual arrangement shall be assessed in accordance with the existing contractual arrangement.
5. The contractual arrangement is published on the Operator's website and is available in printed form at the Operator's registered office.
6. The contractual arrangement is valid from 1 January 2019.

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